Bio: Rural Child Aid Foundation (RUCAF) in short, is a Community Based Organization (CBO that works to provide voice for the voiceless in the rural societies particularly out of school women & children. RUCAF is located in Pershie a village with about ten minutes drives from Elmina castles where many of rural urban migration and other predominantly come from. Our main focus is to ensure equitable distribution of basic necessities in life to people in need. As part of our activities, we link people in deprived communities to the resources and opportunities to help them improve their social functioning through other service providers. HISTORY RUCAF was started in Elmina by a group of fish mongers whom due to some reasons they were unfortunate to have education themselves. Again discovering students from other tertiary institutions pays visit to see these street children sleeping in the open place & eats uncooked fish as a result of hunger without support or any action. Further, these women thought it wise, it’s about time they provide to support themselves since their male counterpart look down upon them as either sex or baby making machine hence they care less. The activities of RUCAF started 1st January 2013 has been recognized on 8th day of July 2014 with the certificate number CG111562014.

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